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I Am Sabbir

What's up guys.I am always quite by the grace of my creator.Because,I am familiar to take challenge and fullfil all of my daily task.By the way,I am Sabbir from Mymensingh,Bangladesh.

This is my blog and i like to write content in blog.But,sorry to say I can't publish post regularly.May be blogging is a great way to share own concept to other.That's why i choose this.


There are haven't any specific place to take education.I can take this from anywhere.

Higher Secondary Certificate

Second Achivement

Secondary School Certificate

First Achivement

Learn to code

Still learning some language.

Content Writing

It's here.You are watching.

Challenge Taker

I have told.check your observation power.

My Skills
Microsoft Word,Excel and Powerpoint
Content Writing

My mentality within 1111 characters.


AIM Of Mine

This is MD Sabbir Hosen. Basically, I have not any specific work yet. That’s why I like to take the
challenge to something new.Actually, I am so interested in Computer Science Engineering(CSE).
But, I can’t it from any educational institute. Because I haven't any chance to fulfill my desire.
But, I am not given up. Really, I love technology so much. Because Technolgy is power.
I am still trying to touch my dream by learning all of the CSE objects from the internet.
And now I am writing a post on the blog just like a part of my dream.
I have told that I can take the challenge.
Taking the challenge to complete our daily tasks is a great way to reach our goal.
That’s why I like to complete all of my targets via setup a challenge.
Now I am learning just basic of


I am not learning this for any job or make my carrier. This is my hobby though it was my AIM.
I will try to learn programming language after complete web development.
Now I have the AIM that I will complete my life through a lot of skill.
Because Knowledge is power. I want to be self-educated.
I don’t care about any educational certificate I am just familiar with skills.
That’s why I want to achieve as far as possible skills.
It’s not possible to finish writing about my mentality. That’s why I need to leave.
Bye no more today.Goodbye.
Don’t quite.
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